My talk at Ignite #2 3/3/2010


This was my first ignite speech. This is the talk that got me on the map. I witnessed the change over from paper medical records to electronic medical records. I couldn’t believe how poorly it was done, and how much it was costing. I was really irritated by being on the receiving side of poorly implemented systems, and I used ignite #2 to vent some of my frustrations. fortunately, the Editor and Chief of the Cincinnati Enquirer was present, and a few days later he put me on the front page of his paper. Here is a link:

I think the fact that it was evident that I had brain surgery 2 days before the talk had something to do with it. This is by far my favorite talk that I’ve ever given. A year later this talk was nominated to represent Cincinnati in the first regional Ignite event. It didn’t have the same effect on the audience in Detroit because I didn’t have a shaved head.